I write about Scandinavia, central Europe, Canada, and the USA. Preferably anywhere it gets a maximum of 24° C in the summer.

Wan|der|lust [ˈwɒndɜːlʌst]: The word »wanderlust« originated from Middle High German, and describes the desire to travel – the unrelenting inner drive to set out into nature and see the world far from one’s own homeland.

Other languages like English, Italian, Danish and Gaelic have also adopted the word wanderlust as a term to describe this longing.

Well, here I am …

My name is L o t h a r   B ö k a m p . As a »mature consumer«, I prefer to enjoy a little ease and convenience on my journeys of discovery. Depending on where I find myself, I certainly try to stay as comfortable as possible. In other words: no backpacking, and no youth hostels.

What drives me

I love the diversity of nature. The beauty and the tiny details so many people pass by without even noticing them. I love a beautiful flower at the edge of the path, just as I do the vast panorama of the Alps or the Rocky Mountains.

I enjoy letting the fresh air blow through my hair on the beach. On mountaintops, I pause for a moment of mindfulness to breathe in the clear air. I enjoy the absolute calm of the morning when I go out with my camera equipment to catch the grandeur of a sunrise.

Discover the world – get started!

My motto is »Do it!« Be open to new things. Never stop learning. Of course, it can often be difficult to overcome your »inner couch potato.« Get out of your comfort zone.

When I started running just a few years ago, I never dreamed I would take part in the New York Marathon. Just take one step after the next, and suddenly you’ll find yourself achieving goals you’d never thought possible just a short time ago.

And where will your journey take you?

No matter whether you take an overseas trip to explore western Canada, a short jaunt to Sweden or a weekend trip on the Spiekeroog North Sea Island: Every destination has its own attractions.

I always keep a camera and notebook in my travel bag. They’re my constant companions. I enjoy sharing my discoveries, experiences and adventures with my readers. I want to awaken your curiosity and inspire you to follow in my footsteps.

I’m creating memories through my travels. They’re worth more to me than upgrading my car to a newer model. Of course, it took many years for this understanding of the world to truly take root in my mind.

Away from the desk and into the world

I work in (online) marketing as my profession. I received my certification as a »Canada Specialist« from the Canadian Tourism Commission through my work in the tourism industry. I also received the »Yukon Specialist« certificate from the Yukon Department of Tourism & Culture, and the distinction of »Vancouver Specialist« from Tourism Vancouver.

I write my honest opinions, even when I do receive financial support for my travels. Likewise, I only recommend products I personally believe in. Sponsorships aren’t a way for me to personally get rich, but instead a way to finance my equipment and my travels, and be able to provide my readers with interesting reports.


Inspiring photographs and stories in “GEO” magazine have fascinated me ever since I was a child – all the large-format images on high gloss paper and exciting stories about countries and people all over the world.

I bought myself an illustrated book on Alaska and the Yukon as a young boy. How well I still remember one particular photo of the Yukon in the fall. An aspen forest with brightly colored fall leaves. Underneath: the long brown grass of last summer, among which the light tree trunks looked like matches. The entire scene was sprinkled with the first snowfall of the year, like powdered sugar. And so, my first travel destination was set!

As a young adult, I went to Switzerland to take part in a sporting event. Entering Wallis, I suddenly felt like I’d stepped into a cheesy post card. But it was all true: light brown larches, golden vineyards, snow-covered peaks, and a deep blue sky. Somebody pinch me, is this real?

»I want to be a blogging traveler, not a traveling blogger.«

I’ve never lost my sense of excitement, for which I am truly thankful. There’s still so much to see. So, let’s go!

PR and cooperations

Wanderlust 365 is a travel blog focusing on Scandinavia, central Europe, Canada, and the USA. It reports on road trips through vast landscapes, travels abroad and long weekend trips with overnight stays in unique hotels and restaurants in gorgeous cities.

The platform was launched in January 2017. Besides the blog, you can also follow me on social media. I’m active on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Current media information is available in the media kit.

It is directed towards mature solo travelers who appreciate the comforts of a good hotel. My readers have a certain predilection for lifestyle and wellness services as well as good food and drink.

I would be happy to receive invitations for press and blogging travels. I’d also be happy to test out your products, services and tourism offers. I will provide my honest opinion and share my experiences with my readers on this blog and through my social media channels. Sponsored entries are always designated as such. This blog observes Google guidelines for webmasters and the basic principles of the travel blogger codex.

I would be happy to receive your inquiry for contract work, research, reporting and photo documentation.